SAVE THE FORESTS manifestation planned on 21.03 in Tallinn is postponed due to coronavirus risk! The nearest possible dates are in May.

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Press release

Tallinn, 11.03.2020

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus we are forced to postpone the 21.03.2020 demonstration “Save the Estonian Forests”. 

The protection of forests is very close to our hearts, but the health and well-being of the participants is even more important. We apologise to the participants, speakers and musicians who will need to change their plans for 21.03. 

We will organise the demonstration as soon as possible and set a new date on the basis of the information provided by the Health Board of the Republic of Estonia. We hope to organise the event within the next few months. 

The virus has forced us to postpone the demonstration, but unfortunately it will not change the current forestry policy. We, however, will not sit idly by! Instead, we will continue with our efforts to draw attention to the fact that Estonian forests need better management, and invite all friends of the forest to join us in doing so! 

  1. Next week we will submit a petition that describes how we aim to realise the ideas listed in our manifesto. Sign the petition! 

  2. On the International Day of Forests (21.03) from 12.00 to 15.00 we invite all friends of the forest to post pictures on social media of small gatherings and other events to support and honour our forests. Please include all participants in your photos and use hashtags #meiemets #savetheforest. 

  3. We have launched an art contest for pupils titled “My Dream Forest in Estonia”. In addition to art projects, pupils should also come up with proposals on how to prudently reduce the consumption of wooden products in Estonia. We will extend the deadline of the contest until May 1st to give more schools the chance to participate. You can find additional information on the contest on our Facebook page (Päästame Eesti Metsad MTÜ) and also in the digital edition of Ôpetajate Leht. 

  4. On March 21st a group of organisers of the demonstration and some musicians will still go to the forest. We will honour it by talking and singing to and in the forest. More information will soon be available on our Facebook page

The aim of the postponed demonstration is to change the current forestry policy. At the moment Estonian forests are managed in a way that endangers biodiversity, is in conflict with our sense of justice and reduces our future well being. In addition to that, the intensive industry sector distorts (with the help of lobbying in media and political lobbying) our understanding of the quality of our living environment, the situation of our forests and all the ecosystem services connected to it. By justifying current forest management choices, the losses borne by tourism companies, photographers and consumers of non-wood goods (people that go hiking, mushrooming, berry and herb picking) are being deliberately minimised and not taken objectively into account in policy making.

Manifestation Facebook event: Save the Estonian forests

Youtube channel: savetheforest

NGO Facebook page  Päästame Eesti Metsad MTÜ

Facebook page for defending the Estonian forests: Aktiivselt Metsa Kaitseks

Dear forest friend!

You are invited to the demonstration to celebrate together the International forest day!

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ja teised

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